What We're About

Transparency, Communication and Service

The About Me section would be a terrific primer prior to reading this, but let's just get down to it:

A culmination of events has led to BuyRocketMotors.com. You see, I've tried to buy High Power Rocket Motors from 2 large very well known vendors online recently. I won't go into great detail as I'm sure many of you already know, but that experience was amazingly disappointing. Honestly, I just don't understand how these vendors are able to stay in business. Communication - a minus 10 out of ten. Inventory - they really have no clue. Shipping - when they get around to it. Try to cancel an order and risk being cursed at! Amazing. How these guys have gotten by all of this time is a mystery to me.

Be that as it may, I welcome you to BuyRocketMotors.com, the Most Transparent way to buy High Power Rocket Motors. Here you will find:

  • Real Time Inventory

  • Order Confirmation

  • VOLUNTARY Pre Ordering (also known as "Back Ordering" by the other vendors, or the classic, "Oh, I'm out of stock and will have to back order that for you.")

  • Very Reasonable Prices

  • Regular and Predictable Shipping

  • You will actually know when an order ships and be able to track it

  • Real Time Shipping Quotes

  • You know, all of the customary stuff that vendors should be providing

  • In general, we utilize a little known technique called "basic communication." Have a question, we'll give you a response. Order something, we'll confirm it. It's all very sophisticated so don't ask how we do it....

Now, I won't be delusional and promise the world. There will always be exceptions. I have no intent to stock every conceivable product carried by a manufacturer. If it's popular enough and sells often, I will stock it. If it does not, I will still offer it but on a regular monthly (and sometimes more frequent) Pre-Order basis only - and with a discount (Pre-Ordered motors from www.BuyRocketMotors.com will likely be delivered to you in the same amount of time as an "In Stock" order from other vendors). Check out my Schedule for up to date Delivery and Pre-Order status. Existing orders and those on our Mailing List will receive updates as necessary. Again, basic communication.

My initial stock is deliberately limited in an effort to accurately guage what most people are looking for. Once I get a better feel for it I'll increase and broaden the inventory. Don't see something in stock but think it should be? Then just let me know. There will be much trial and error at the beginning, especially with what I initially stock and inventory levels, but rest assured if BuyRocketMotors.com shows a product in stock, it is indeed in stock and it will ship to you with a tracking number.

Do know, this is a One Man Show, as with most other vendors. I willfully admit that this is not a full time endeavor and make no assertions that it is. If you want to call me, feel free, but do understand I have other commitments - but again rest assured - if BuyRocketMotors.com shows a product in stock; it is indeed in stock and it will ship in accordance with our Shipping Policy. Most rocket questions can easily be answered by a quick Google search or by rocketryforum.com If we speak, I may have to keep things short so please try these resources and use me as a last ditch effort.

We very much appreciate the opportunity to be of service to rocketry endeavors. If you have a question or would like to see something regularly stocked then just let me know and I guarantee I'll look into adding it.

What We Are About: Transparency, Communication and Service