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Q & A

Q & A

Who's behind BuyRocketMotors.com?

See the About Me section for details.  Briefly, I'm a long time rocket nut that wants to bring sanity back to purchasing High Power Rocket Motors.  Transparency, Communication, and Service is where it's at.  

Do I need to be a Member of BuyRocketMotors.com to make a purchase?

No; and you never will.

Hold on, wait just one minute!  I didn't think a hobbyist could legally ship High Power Rocket Motors so what are you doing!  You're going to get us all pinched and HPR will come to an end!

That's mostly true about hobbyist's.  However, we are a company and a company that has a legal contract with FedEx to ship Hazardous Materials.  We've taken the DOT approved classes as required as well as jumped through that hoop, then the other, and then the other, and so on.  Thanks for being so concerned, but we're legit.  

Can I contact you to see if you're an actual person and that I'm not getting ripped off?

You don't have anything to worry about, but sure you can call me if you like.  If I don't answer, leave a message and I'll get in touch with you.  Please note that actual orders are absolute priority while general questions are not; in any event I will get back in touch with you.  Contact Us.  

Why don't you regularly stock more products?

The primary motor manufacturers have a lengthy catalog and running a business that stocks every conceivable product just isn't viable.  I pledge to stock the most common in demand High Power Rocket motors, if you don't see something that you think should be stocked then let me know and I'll take a look.  Otherwise, I will offer on a regular Pre Order basis those motors that aren't necessarily purchased regularly.  You always have the option to Pre Order at a significant discount.  

I just ordered something but have not received a confirmation or tracking number??

You should always receive a notification from BuyRocketMotors.com subsequent to your order.  If it hasn't shown up then check your spam filter.  Tracking numbers will be forwarded once your order has been processed and FedEx has provided us with the actual tracking number.  So, depending on the time of your order this could be several hours or in the event of a weekend purchase, a day or so to receive your package tracking number.  Pre Order's are slightly different.  See details of Pre Orders here.  In any event, you will always receive an order confirmation whether it's for a Regularly Stocked Item or Pre Ordered.  

I would like to purchase an In Stock item and a Pre Order and/or Pre Sale item.  How does shipping work?

However you want it really.  You need to specify if you want the In stock item to immediately ship or be held until the Pre Ordered / Pre Sale items have been received.  The difference being one or two packages (one slight exception is whether your order exceeds 70 lbs, the maximum HAZMAT package FedEx will accept, in which case multiple packages may be necessary - we'll contact you for direction if this ever occurs).  If you want the In Stock items now and the Pre Ordered / Pre Sale motors to be delivered once we receive them, then you will be billed for applicable HAZMAT and Shipping on each package sans any Special Promotions.  

Note that BuyRocketMotors.com is not yet setup to automatically request whether you want your mix of In Stock and Pre Ordered / Pre Sale motors to ship separately (In Stock immediately and Pre Order / Pre Sale once received) or if you simply want them to be held and shipped as one package.  If you desire them to be held for one shipment, then the HAZMAT and shipping quotes will remain as specified during your checkout process.  On the other hand, separate shipments will need to be tweaked manually to compensate for the applicable HAZMAT and shipping costs of the second package, sans any Special Promotions.  You will still need to place your order online in the usual manner, but we'll harmonize the shipping after contact with you.  Alternatively, if you want In Stock motors now and Pre Ordered / Pre Sale motors shipped once they're available, the simplest way to handle this is by placing two separate orders: One for In Stock stuff and the other for Pre Order / Pre Sale stuff.  Otherwise just place one order and we'll contact you to tweak the second package.

As always, rest assured that you will receive whatever you purchase and if they're are any manufacturer issues we'll let you know.  If you want an In Stock motor to wait to ship with a Pre Order / Pre Sale then we'll simply set it aside just for you.  After all, you just paid for it!

What if one of your Regularly Stocked motors is Out of Stock, what then?

My goal is to continually stock enough motors in this category that I'll always have a sufficient quantity on hand on a daily basis.  This may be a challenge at first until I can adequately gauge demand, but hopefully not.  However, they could sell out for one reason or another.  In the case they're sold out you can elect to order by Pre Sale (see below for further detail) to ensure you'll have some on my next shipment.  The shipping logistics will be handled identically to the question above regarding an order with a mix of In Stock and Pre Order items; you need to designate how you want the products to ship - to wait until everything is together for one shipment or send them as they're available (In Stock immediately and Pre Order/Pre Sale once received).  Do note that ordering any Pre Sale motors will be handled on their respective Regularly Stocked product page; there is no dedicated Pre Sale page for these items as I've designated them Regularly Stocked.  Kind of counterintuitive I know, but that's just how the website is setup.  

Dude, I'm totally confused by "Pre Sale" versus "Pre Order"?  Enlighten me!

Sure, "Pre Sale" applies to any motors that I deem Regularly Stocked but have sold out.  Ordering a Pre Sale item just means that you're reserving the subject motor(s) on my next shipment.  If I have 20 of a particular motor on order with the manufacturer then the Pre Sale will be limited to 20.  If you order 5 of them then the first 5 I pull out of the box are yours.  Ultimately, this means I'll only have 15 available for other customers which our Real Time Inventory system will handle accordingly.  

The term "Pre Order" is relegated to any items that I do not regulary stock.  For example, motor hardware and L, M, and N reloads - stuff that doesn't sale often.  I'll be happy to get it for you, and I've already done this for many people, but I have no plans to stock it so it's available by Pre Order only.  More information can be found here.

How exactly does your Pre Ordering system work?

Details here.  

How can you guarantee shipping on same or next day?

Easy, by making it a part of my routine schedule.  If there are any delays or issues I'll note that on my Schedule or I'll contact you directly by email or phone.

Do you offer any offer discounts, promotions, or whatever?

Yes, subscribe to our mailing list to keep apprised.

My Club or Rocket Friends and I want to order A LOT of motors, can you help us?

Absolutely, just send me a message and we'll work it out.

I work for a Federal, State and Local government, College, University or Licensed For-Profit business engaged in High Power Rocketry activities and want to order motors, can you help?

Absolutely, just send me a message and we'll work it out.

Can I pick up my motors directly from you?

Yes, on my Schedule, you can.  Just select "Pick Up" during the check out and email me to make arrangements.  Contact me for further details.

Why don't you stock or allow Pre Orders of the smaller motors like E's, F's, and G's?

There are certain exceptions as I'm sure you've noticed, but honestly there are a number of vendors out there that focus on that niche and their margins are super thin.  In the end, if there's enough demand at a reasonable price point then I'll either stock them or allow them for Pre Ordering.  So, as always, just let me know.


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