Pre Order Only System

Pre Order Only System - SAVE 20% acknowledges the sheer number of products that most rocket motor manufacturers have to offer and ultimately the logistics and capital required to support such an inventory. As such, for the benefit of our customers, we will only stock those items that are in regular demand and provide the option to Pre Order certain motors we ordinarily would not stock. As much as everyone likes to see an N motor, they just are not in that high of demand so accordingly they're not sitting on our shelves. However, we do offer them for sale as shown and at a deep discount.

How does not stocking every conceivable item a motor manufacturer benefit our customers? Very simple; our capital is not tied up in inventory sitting on our shelves in the hopes that some random customer will eventually come along and buy it. Instead, that same capital is spent on products that we know can turn a modest return in a reasonable amount of time. This keeps us liquid and in a position to provide terrific customer service in the absolute most transparent way possible. We give you the option of Voluntarily Pre Ordering. None of the typical:

  1. Place Order

  2. Wait a week and nothing shows up

  3. Email vendor - no response

  4. Call Vendor - no response

  5. Wait another week and nothing shows

  6. Continue to contact Vendor ad nauseum - nothing

  7. Make threats to cancel order

  8. A week later, a response, "Oh, that motor is backordered. So sorry - you should have known."

Or substitue Phase 8 above with:

  1. Dispute with credit card company

  2. Eventually receive refund

  3. And my favorite: Receive random response from Vendor insulting and cursing at you for not having patience or just not knowing "how the system works."

Take a look on and you'll see what I mean.

We are in stark contrast to most other rocket motor retailers out there who do not have a real time inventory system, basic communication and social skills, and well, a background in meeting customer expectations, or simply a lack of interest in trying. As I mentioned in the About Me section, is culmination of my experience and absolute frustration in trying to purchase several thousand dollars worth of rocket motors.

Pre Order Delivery - Just how long does it take to get my Pre Ordered motors?

All Pre Ordered motors and hardware orders will be submitted to the respective motor vendor at the 1st of every Month unless otherwise specified. We could elect to add Pre Orders into our regular orders, so it could actually be sooner but I will not guarantee that. Typical turnaround times are 2 to 3 weeks plus a few days to our door subsequent to order submittals. Be aware, certain motors such as most of the Level 3 and certain large Level 2 motors are experiencing a 4 to 6 week turn around time. However, there are always exceptions and if we're aware of any significant delays we'll contact you. Once received, Pre Orders will be shipped to you the following business day in accordance with our Shipping Policy. As will always be the case, you will receive an order confirmation as well as a shipping tracking number. You know, the customary stuff you're supposed to receive when buying online. Again, we have no control over any manufacturers manufacturing process, all we can do is pass along the information as it is made available to us.

Manufacturer Delays

This primarily impacts Pre Orders, but please be aware that we have no control over the manufacturers and that at times certain products may not be immediately available. Although uncommon, material related issues, employee issues, shipping delays, etc. can all drive a potential delay in Pre Orders; and for that the only thing we can do is simply communicate that on to you - which we pledge to do.


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